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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Promoting Healthy Fashion !

Ladies of Fashion starve their happiness to feed their vanity, and their love to feed their pride.
-Charles Caleb Colton

Lights, Camera, Action: The models are ready to walk the runway. Behind that glow, those six inch heels, glistening skin, and dress rehearsals, lies an image that is like a mirage. From the birth of fashion until today, it’s evident to see that models have become the backbone to this industry. Constantly browsing through magazines, and glancing at billboards, our attention is automatically drawn to their figure, the clothing, hair, and makeup. But what stands out more than anything is their body type; ranging toward the width of their waist down to the curiosity of how much time was spent getting those Abs. As we dig deeper into this major issue, let’s ask ourselves, has fashion created a fixed image of what a model can and should look like?

Many health experts have come to the conclusion that some of the causes of anorexia are the fashion industry, thin models, and a passion for the runway. Understand that our models hold a bigger responsibility than just looking great. In fact, these individuals are the missing piece we found to the puzzle; they're able to promote healthy fashion in a desirable way. The objective is to inspire. The complexion of your skin, and your curves from head to toe, are factors that the industries have taken for granted. What we fail to notice is that models come in every figure, shape and form.

With further research on the lives of our famous models, twenty one year old Ana Carolina Reston was an interesting case. Beginning her career at the age of thirteen, the beautiful 5-foot-8-inch model weighing only 88 pounds, died of a global infection; anorexia nervosa. A disorder characterized by an abnormal fear of weight gain that is life threatening. In most cases, it leads to even bigger problems such as depression, trauma, and obsessive compulsive behaviors. This goes to show that, what goes on behind the scenes of ones life is pretty much unseen in reality. Being able to glance back at those magazines and billboards and instantly seeing the models inner beauty is enthralling. From this day forth let’s not draw ourselves to unhealthy fashion but become the trendsetters of healthy fashion!
This article was written by: Fatima Scott


Anonymous said...

Each blog is better than the other.You are really proving yourself to be the Next Big Fashion Mag. Journalist. I am honored to be your brother

Anonymous said...

I really liked your was really interesting and it kept me pasted...i am also a journalist for my skool newspaper now..imma arts/feature editor..kinda hard but itz fun at tha same tyme..i just like that it allows you 2 b creative and hav fun. it looks like you enjoy writing and your really into wat you do...dont let anyone bring you down, ure a great writer, keep it up and you will succeed.....NAriah..(LV--Lafayette

Vic said...

I have to say i totally agree. It's disgusting how people are judged by the size of their jeans as opposed to the person they are inside. I swear you are going places Tima. I can't wait to see where life takes you, and i kno you're going to go far.

Anonymous said...

now it makes more sense!;)

Star said...

wow..i read al ov dt u knaa ndd i dnt tend to read alot..yeh dis is a reel issue nt even in jus like dt modellin worldd bt outside it aswel..within our nt gnna liee ive been fru times wer i felt like i wnted to loose weight nd imma size 6 styl ive learnt to love maself how i am nd wen i feel like ivve put on some weight..jus lay off da choc for a day or 2 lol !